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The Survey:
name: Amanda
age: 16
sex: Female
location: Griffin, GA
Favorite cast member/members: Alex and Seth
favortie epp: ???
fav couple: Alex and Marissa
how long have you been watching?: Since season 1
seth and summer or seth and alex? why?: Seth and summer. They seem more compatible theyve known each other longer, not that that has anything to do with being a couple but still...
Ryan and marissa or ryan and lindsay? why: Neither. Ryan and Marissa will always have feelings for each other but it will never work. Ryan and Lidnsay is just too complicated and theyre family will eventually tear them apart.
julie and jimmy or julie and caleb? why?: Julie and Caleb. They are both money hungry and so they make the perfect match..
anything else you'd like to add about the oc??: I absolutly LOVE Alex.
Show us where you've promoted us using a link: Um, Im not exactly sure how to do that. Sry.
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