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The Survey: <-- what an official name...i like it
name:xxdange <-- this my nickname
age: 18
sex: female
location: Seattle
Favorite cast member/members:hmm..well i would have to say ryan and seth
Favorite epp: The Heights, just because of the ending...
fav couple: ryan & marissa
how long have you been watching?: since the beginning, thank merlin!
seth and summer or seth and alex? why?: totally seth and summer because alex was too wild for seth & besides he never got over summer...no, if he would have stayed with alex their whole relationship would have been a lie.
Ryan and marissa or ryan and lindsay? why: Ryan and Marissa because they just got it...they have the chemistry and sorry for those who like lindsay but she is just annoying. I think it was her line about dotting the bottom of her page that she was reading that really irked me. *shrugs* This last episode made me happy though.
julie and jimmy or julie and caleb? why?: Julie and Caleb all the way because they are both slime, they make disgusting slime together...Jimmy was trying to straighten out his life and Julie would have messed that up.
anything else you'd like to add about the oc??:umm..i <3 it...
Show us where you've promoted us using a link: umm as soon as i finish posting this i will promote yall in my livejournal...pinky promise..haha
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